The Melting of the Polar Ice Caps

If you don’t think it could happen, you need to wake up. Nature is calling our number and some people still don’t see it. The weather this year of 2010 has been very weird. Tornadoes and Hurricanes are popping up everywhere. The Heat Index rises like Mother Nature has a bone to pick with us. My question is am I right?

The pictures have been everywhere. Their images are both sad and troubling. I’m referring to the pictures of the Polar Bears trying to find a comfortable place to sit. Their discomfort isn’t due to the fact of being overcrowded, it’s actually because they are running out of icebergs. Running out of Icebergs, you may say to yourself. It does sound like a James Cameron film, but it is slowly becoming reality. If the Polar Ice Caps melt, we are all in trouble. A flood of that capacity would be devastating to our world.

The only upside to most of this, is that our society has finally become environmentally involved. Now, we have not only entertainers but politicians as well joining the fight. This includes advertisements and telethons. We may have finally discovered just how precious our Natural Resources are to all of us. No matter, the nation, color, creed, religion or continent, we are all at risk. It’s inspiring to see the whole world began to unite for this worthy cause. The spill in the Gulf has increased our recycling awareness, I just hope that it’s not too late.