Three Counter Arguments That Support the Denial of Global Warming

In this current decade of the 21st century, many people say we are actually experiencing the effects of global warming, in the form of changing local weather patterns, and increased natural disasters around the globe. However there are some people, who still claim global warming is a hoax, or even claim it does not exist. What are the three arguments that could support the denial of global warming?

1. Increased Solar Activity

Could ‘Global warming,” be a hoax, and the real reasons behind our changing climate, be because of increased soar activity from the Sun?

There are very strong, and compelling arguments that since the mid-1970’s, the Sun has changed, and the effects on Earths climate, are a direct result of solar storms.

This is the conspiracy theorists weapon against “Global warming,” where our representatives are aware of this greater danger, and could explain why some governments seem to lack any real motivation in encouraging the use of alternative energies.

2. Local Weather Phenomena

Throughout the last few centuries, some form of records have been kept on our local weather conditions. The “minor” ice age of the 17th century was one example, but also some records do show that the freak weather we are experiencing today has reoccurred in the past.

Ancient tree stumps dating back over a thousand years, record the climate through their rings, Dendrochronologists– read these rings, determining what local weather conditions were like in the past, and historians match this data to historical events- such as the end of the Roman empire.

When the Roman Empire eclipsed into a century of decline towards its final fall around 500 AD, data from tree rings showed that the climate had increasingly worsened, and perhaps aided the fall of the greatest of ancient empires. Could Global Warming be simply a series of changes in local weather patterns?

3. A Money Making Scam?

Some cynics claim that Global Warming is just another scam by a group of experts, and lobbyists, who can manipulate public opinion, and enrich themselves in the process. The fact that many of the expert meetings are in some of the Worlds most exotic locations, and that some governments that back the “global warming” theory, themselves seem lukewarm in their own response to a serious issue, could help back this theory.

Al Gore, has been heralded as one example of the hypocrisy within this group of experts. Famous for “losing” one of the closest contested presidential elections in history, and later known for his series of lectures on the environment. Al Gore showed no effort in fighting global warming personally, his home was in many ways a showcase for a denier, rather than a believer in global warming. Is it simply another money making scam?

So is Global warming simply, a result of increased solar activity, local weather phenomena or just a scam? Changing weather patterns, and a sharp increase in natural disasters has meant that something is going wrong with our planets natural environment, but is it really Global Warming?