If Global Warming is Not Real Then What Normal Cycles are Causing the Planet to Heat Up?

Despite what the media says not all scientists go for the Global Warming Theory. In fact, many cannot believe that the Theory has gotten this far. The reality is that the Earth has only heated up some 1.5 degrees average over the last 50 years and we cannot even be sure that is accurate because the measurements back then were not as good as today.

Sure we see some ice melting which would indicate a heating up of things, but how do we know that is not a regional shift cycle that occurs naturally? Of course if you try to debate this with a CO2 Man-Made Caused Global Warming Alarmist, they will ask;

If Global Warming is Not Real then What Normal Cycles are Causing the Planet to Heat Up?

The fact is that it could indeed be lots of things, so let us look at a few shall we?

Ice melting puts cool water into part of the ocean not normally cool, this changes dynamics and weather flows and patterns too. If weather patterns become less robust in some areas they do not allow the distributive affects to move the air and allow for less cooling, this changes airflows, it changes everything.

Ozone, is an issue, if you have whole in ozone you get ice melt, but if you have no heat escape you get more trapped heat. Lots of theories on what is causing the ozone issues. Remember 25 years ago everyone was worried that our human eyesight would go, skin cancer like the sheep in Tierra del Fuego, now we find Ozone holes closing but the ambient temperature is heating, another scare?

Ocean Surface Temps, huge issue and many things can cause this, greenhouse affect is not the only one. The resultant being ocean surface temps means we have more heat in those regions, changes everything. And mind you these are only three alternatives to the global warming (caused by mankind) theory, there are in fact nearly 20 possible or plausible explanations and still we are only talking 1.5 degrees over a 50 year period.

Please take this into consideration and dump the doom and gloom motif, it is not healthy for that level of stress over nothing. I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2007. I thank you for reading my many articles on diverse subjects, which interest you.