How Does Climate Change Affect Us?

Now days climate change is spoken, or written about, in pretty much every aspect of our lives. But how many people actually understand what climate change is, and how it affects us now, and will affect us, in the future?

Does anyone reading this not know the planets temperature is rising steadily? This is commonly referred to as “Global Warming”.

The planets temperature rising is just one way that will affect us and change our climate. If you follow what happens because of the planets temperature rising, thats when you really start to set up and take notice.

Suddenly someone notices there is an affect that follows the cause – The old “cause and affect” strategy. The planet warms and the ice on the planet begins to melt, but “cause and affect” does not stop there. No. The ice melts and the sea level begins to rise.

Now we know that the climate change is affecting us by:

a) Global Warming -The planet is heating up.
b) The planets ice shelves are melting, and
c) The oceans sea level is rising.

But how does these things affect us -Me and, you?

Besides the weather patterns getting very unpredictable, and in some cases extremely haphazzard, there is the issue of the melting ice. This ice melting is hazzardous to us in many ways -To name just a few: There are many species of the planet that may very likely become extinct because they are losing their habitat.

Loss of any species to the planet is, or should be, a great concern to us all.

Some of these species are hunted for food by people, and losing them is a loss of a food source in an area where food sources are very scarce. These same species are also hunted for their hides to keep people warm in climates that are extremely cold.

Here some may suggest the warming climate could be good for these people, so they are not so cold. This is such an outrageous thought and is why these kinds of articles are so important to better educate the people of our world. Because, again I point out “cause and affect”. Nothing changes without a cause and affect.

Affect: Now we discuss the rise of the worlds sea level. There are many communities that are actually below the worlds sea level, and its rising can cause horrible tragedies around the world.

Is there anyone reading this article that is not aware of what happened to a “little” community called “New Orleans”? This is just a sample of the tragedies that will be in the future if we do not take action.

How does climate change affect us? At this point, I am hopeful that my article has given you some idea. Now for the important part of this article, what can “we” -I, and you, do about it?

To be perfectly honest, I do not really believe that the affects of our climate change can be stopped, or reversed at this point, But, I do believe we can still slow its affects way down, if we will all just take action.

If your still reading and asking yourself “what can I do?” Then on behalf of my grandchildren -The eldest being two, 6-11-2009 -I want to thank you.

Lets discuss what you can do to help:

1) accept that you can help even if you have a limited income. This is the first step to actually making progress, and helping. Otherwise you would just feel too overwhelmed thinking you could not possible afford to make a difference. But there are many levels of help that you can participate in, and the most important level is the level that you participate in.

2) Choose your level of participation.

a) Costs you nothing, and will actually save you money.
To put it simply, turn off those unnecessary lights. Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth, or shampooing your hair. Do not waste gasoline making useless trips to the store. Try to make a list and limit your trips to the store. Saves you gasoline and money you would have spent on gasoline. Try to carpool with someone that is already going to the store, or even to work. Simple things that cost you nothing.

Can we go a step better that still does not cost you any money? Sure. How about locating your local recycling facility. Now instead of adding to the problem, you are truly taking steps to alleviate it. This is not hard, and I have shown you how you can actually keep more of the money you already have.

b) is a level that would require some expenditure, the amount of expenditure would be entirely up to you.

Replace those old energy wasting light bulbs with some new energy saving light bulbs -You do not need to do them all at once, if your budget wont allow for it. You can simply switch them out as the old bulbs burnout.

Now make certain that all of your faucets, and shower heads, all have water conserving restrictors, or heads.

Get your car tuned up, and be sure and check your tires air pressure. If within your ability, look into trading off that old gas hog, for a newer model, preferably a hybrid.

Now that you know how does climate change affect us, and how you can help “affect” climate change, I hope you will share this info2SaveEarth, with everyone you know and remember to visit for more tips and suggestions.