Global Warming Or Climate Change – They Have Finally Found the Real Solution

The global warming issue has been a big problem, but the way it has been fixed may surprise you. They didn’t just cover up the symptoms; they have found how to resolve it once and for all.

The breakthrough really seems to have come as a result of the Climate Conference in Copenhagen that was convened from December 6th through the 18th of 2009. Many influential people met to negotiate measures to reverse the climate’s uphill walk to higher temperatures.

The immediate results of the conference are astounding!

To know there is a global warming issue is not hard to find. You can ask just about anyone in the general public, and they will tell you that they have definitely noticed a change. In fact, I was talking on the phone the week after Copenhagen with a man living in India and, curious if other countries believed there was a problem in this area, I asked him if he thought global warming was true. He said, “Sure, I have noticed that it is hotter weather these days compared to when I was a child.”

But back to how it has been resolved. Just one day after the Copenhagen Conference, Washington DC was buried in record levels of snow. But it didn’t end there, on February 6th, 2010, “According to the National Weather Service… The heaviest [snow fall] on record was 28 inches in January 1922.”

Other cases are: on January 10th, approximately one month after the conference, Houston Texas was set to “… break the long-standing record” cold “set in 1897.” Then on January 11th MSNBC reported that in Miami, FL they beat a record that was set 82-years ago.

But this isn’t it, Europe has experienced similar weather changes since the conference. We have seen the temperature of the planet restored to that which it was 80 to 100 years before cars and things like that are said to have brought about this disastrous global condition of increased temperatures. The world at large has seen record colds and snow since December 17th.2009.

If that is not proof enough, look at it this way. They have changed from calling it “global warming” to calling it “climate change,” which is what we have experienced every season throughout the history of the world.

They finally fixed the problem! And I think they should get a great round of applause. They are finally calling it what it is — common weather changes.