Global Warming Is Real and It Is The Biggest Challenge of Our Time

Have you ever heard an academic ridicule someone who didn’t believe in Global Warming? I have, and I typically laugh back when someone pulls that motif with me. You see, I run a think tank, and we are not exactly scientific lightweights around here. Let’s talk.

An intellectual acquaintance recently said to me; “You may not agree, but global warming is real–and one cannot have an “opinion” on the science, as science is science after all, and is based on research studies that have been repeatedly duplicated and supported by other studies over decades… again and again and again, similar results supporting the results of previous studies… in many different countries the world over (the whole world cannot be conspiring, after all).”

Of course, she was right, I don’t really agree. I’ve studied all this since the concept’s inception. Watched the Hunt Brothers fund the Biosphere II project at Columbia University in Tucson, and watched the science abused, numbers doctored, and the whole thing become a religion, due to IPCC public relations games. Look we shouldn’t pollute, that’s stupid, we all have to breathe the air, drink the water, so, I grant that. But CO2 is a trace gas, yes, it is sticky and those molecules gather other pollutants, but CO2 is needed, in fact we look for CO2 signature for exoplanets which may support Earth-like type life-forms. If we are worried about greenhouse gasses then what about Water Vapor? There is tons more of that, I hope no one is suggesting we get rid of all the clouds or worse all the water – we’d end up like Mars for God’s sake.

If 97% of the CO2 in the atmosphere comes from non-human sources, surely we shouldn’t curtail our entire civilization thinking we are going to keep the climate from changing, it’s been changing for 5.5 billion years, that’s what it does, and it seems to have a self-balancing feedback loop anyway. Life is still here, the polar bears aren’t going anywhere, they share black bear genes, so obviously the polar bears have been through many ice-ages and warming periods, it’s what life does, it adapts. Trying to control that is like trying to stop continental drift, good luck on that.

After I went through the short list above, I noted my intellectual college student acquaintance backtracked on her assumed statement of Global Warming being real, really fast. No worries this is typical with those who think they know something because they’ve been told, have little if any real knowledge in the topic.