global warming hoax

Global Warming Hoax – What’s the Truth?

A lot of people will be telling you a lot of things about the global warming hoax-about how this situation doesn’t exist at all and how it is a figment of a fertile scientist’s imagination-but the fact is that the situation is totally real and is standing at our door, waiting to get in. Global warming isn’t myth. It is happening, and has been happening ever since the earth was formed. We are talking about it now because we weren’t much climatologically advanced to understand this peril in previous times. Then there’s also the fact that the danger has been rising with alarming alacrity only recently, since about the last sixty years. That’s the reason why the talk about this situation has increased only lately.

The fact is that if we don’t come out of this denial, we won’t be having this earth for long. Our winters have already started becoming warmer and our summers have become unbearably hotter. Rains play truant. The snow cover has decreased. Tropical vacation destinations are no longer the sultry paradises people considered them to be because of the unbearably high temperatures they now have. If these aren’t real indications of what’s happening and what’s going to happen, then what are they?

We need to stop bantering about the global warming hoax without further delay and start implementing steps so that we can save the world. We are going to be our own superheroes in the coming years, and our work should have begun yesterday! We are overdue.

So, what’s there that you and I can do to stop something as humongous as global warming? The fact is that there are several small things we can do on an individual note that can count immensely toward bringing the rate of global warming down. Here is a list of a few things that we can do.

1. Stop overusing cooling appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners. The coolants in them contain chlorofluorocarbons. When these are released into the environment, they harm the all-important ozone layer which forms a protective greenhouse layer over the earth. When the ozone layer is depleted, sun’s rays-even the very harmful ultraviolet rays-will gain free access onto the earth’s surface and ravage it.

2. We need to grow as many trees as we can. Trees utilize carbon dioxide for their natural process of photosynthesis, by which they prepare their food. If trees are cut, this carbon dioxide will escape into the environment, and that will increase the greenhouse effect drastically. The sun’s heat which will be trapped on the earth by this thicker layer will bring global warming to dangerous levels.

3. The same is applicable to the emissions from our vehicles and machines in the factories. All emitted gases escape into the atmosphere and add to the greenhouse layer, which then traps more of solar heat on the earth.

4. We need to be as green as possible. The human race is often depicted as fools that cut the tree they lived on. We are actually doing that by going as much away from nature as possible. Implementing green methods in our lifestyle will help maintain the natural balance as nature gave it to us.

We cannot stop all causes of global warming. For instance, we cannot stop the dangerous fluctuations in solar heat that have been happening lately. We cannot help the bubbling of the magma inside the earth’s core. But we can do out bit and avert the threat to our planet in our own small ways. We need to start by seeing through this global warming hoax and implementing the right measures while we still can.