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Global Warming Hoax – What’s the Truth?

A lot of people will be telling you a lot of things about the global warming hoax-about how this situation doesn’t exist at all and how it is a figment of a fertile scientist’s imagination-but the fact is that the situation is totally real and is standing at our door, waiting to get in. Global warming isn’t myth. It is happening, and has been happening ever since the earth was formed. We are talking about it now because we weren’t much climatologically advanced to understand this peril in previous times. Then there’s also the fact that the danger has been rising with alarming alacrity only recently, since about the last sixty years. That’s the reason why the talk about this situation has increased only lately.

The fact is that if we don’t come out of this denial, we won’t be having this earth for long. Our winters have already started becoming warmer and our summers have become unbearably hotter. Rains play truant. The snow cover has decreased. Tropical vacation destinations are no longer the sultry paradises people considered them to be because of the unbearably high temperatures they now have. If these aren’t real indications of what’s happening and what’s going to happen, then what are they?

We need to stop bantering about the global warming hoax without further delay and start implementing steps so that we can save the world. We are going to be our own superheroes in the coming years, and our work should have begun yesterday! We are overdue.

So, what’s there that you and I can do to stop something as humongous as global warming? The fact is that there are several small things we can do on an individual note that can count immensely toward bringing the rate of global warming down. Here is a list of a few things that we can do.

1. Stop overusing cooling appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners. The coolants in them contain chlorofluorocarbons. When these are released into the environment, they harm the all-important ozone layer which forms a protective greenhouse layer over the earth. When the ozone layer is depleted, sun’s rays-even the very harmful ultraviolet rays-will gain free access onto the earth’s surface and ravage it.

2. We need to grow as many trees as we can. Trees utilize carbon dioxide for their natural process of photosynthesis, by which they prepare their food. If trees are cut, this carbon dioxide will escape into the environment, and that will increase the greenhouse effect drastically. The sun’s heat which will be trapped on the earth by this thicker layer will bring global warming to dangerous levels.

3. The same is applicable to the emissions from our vehicles and machines in the factories. All emitted gases escape into the atmosphere and add to the greenhouse layer, which then traps more of solar heat on the earth.

4. We need to be as green as possible. The human race is often depicted as fools that cut the tree they lived on. We are actually doing that by going as much away from nature as possible. Implementing green methods in our lifestyle will help maintain the natural balance as nature gave it to us.

We cannot stop all causes of global warming. For instance, we cannot stop the dangerous fluctuations in solar heat that have been happening lately. We cannot help the bubbling of the magma inside the earth’s core. But we can do out bit and avert the threat to our planet in our own small ways. We need to start by seeing through this global warming hoax and implementing the right measures while we still can.

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Global Temperatures – The Myth That the Earth Has Gotten Warmer Beyond 1998

More and more credible data, and studies, have proven conventional opinion wrong. This conventional opinion argues that global warming continued, rather than stopped, beyond 1998. This conventional opinion continues to argue that people are mainly at fault for this warming.The reality, mentioned in my previous articles, still stands. Mother Nature’s hints that average global temperatures have either stagnated, or declined. This gets little to no coverage and enthusiasm.

For example, Europe, Russia, Canada, Alaska, China, and northern Japan have continued to experience deep freezes each year. New freeze records got set with each winter. In fact, during the deep freeze of 2012, over 650 people lost their lives in Europe and Russia.

This highlights the fact that there has been an absence of gradual global warming since the end of the 20th Century.

However, this doesn’t matter for those that insist that the planet is still warming up.

Since the above studies, to include scientific data, made their announcement, a series of articles appeared that tried to counter them. Many of these articles try to argue that these studies only advance a myth, and that the planet is still “warming.”

To advance their myth, they’ve pointed to NASA’s weather data and conclusions. They argue that these have shown that it has gotten warmer since 1998. However; a climate scholar reviewing NASA’s global temperatures found an error.

NASA subsequently adjusted their data to reflect what really happened with average global temperatures. After this adjustment, the 1930s reclaimed the “warmest” crown, followed by the 1990s, with 1998 regaining the upper hand, temperature wise, over the 2000s. The year 2005, originally listed as warmer than 1998, ended up being less warm than 1998.

Many reference NASA’s James Hansen in their argument that the planet has gotten warmer. James Hansen is one of the guys that argued the hockey stick temperature graph.

This graph showed temperatures going up exponentially in our time, after a prolonged stable period. However; this graph ignored the Roman Warming Period and the Medieval Warming Periods. Both of those periods were warmer than it was in the 20th Century.

It was so hot during the Roman period that tunics and robes made perfect sense.

There’s a reason to why they’ve found shipwrecks in Rome, between the ancient Roman port and the modern Roman shoreline… and to why people visiting the ruins of Pompeii, standing at the dried out ancient sea port, will see grass and weeds instead of water on the dredged out ground. The actual shoreline is further out.

These two observations hint that sea levels were much higher during the Roman period than they are today. Again, it was a lot hotter back then than it ever was during any of our lifetimes.

Others, trying to prove the above studies “wrong” proudly point to the NOAA. The later has recently concluded that 2012 was the “warmest” year on record. However, a blogger anticipated that NOAA was going to do that, and challenged NOAA’s “hottest summer” claim.

They pointed to a state that supposedly set a record. When the blogger looked at the actual temperature readout for that time period, he found that they didn’t support NOAA’s “hottest” declaration.

In their article, they argued that NOAA was on track to declare 2012 the record warmest year. Months later, NOAA did just that. Whoever worked the data, that NOAA used, averaged US temperatures up, and played with the numbers. Had they used actual temperature readouts, they wouldn’t have concluded that 2012 was the hottest.

As for the hottest summer, the North American Heat wave of 1936 makes the summer of 1936 the hottest in the past 100 years.

Others, who disagree with the finding that the planet hasn’t gotten warmer since 1998, point to the CRU. One of their hacked emails pointed out the absence of global warming.

Nowhere has anybody argued that temperatures haven’t gone up. Temperatures rise and fall throughout the day, week, month, quarter and year. That’s a natural cycle. What the climate realists are arguing is that temperatures haven’t averaged upwards, steadily, since 1998.

A look at the raw data, gathered by the official weather stations on the ground, backs that argument. But, by trying to zero in on the “rise” and “fall” aspect of it, while ignoring the “average trend” aspect, the global warming debaters try to call the counter global warming people’s comments to question.

Others have argued that we’re putting enough carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to cause temperatures to go up exponentially.

Again, a look at actual scientific data proves this wrong.

Water Vapor constitutes approximately 95% of the total greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. That’s between the sun and the earth. Carbon dioxide constitutes one of the remaining gases that make up the other 5%. Mother Nature contributes 93% to 96% of the total Carbon Dioxide sent into the atmosphere. That leaves humanity with approximately 5% of the total CO2 sent into the atmosphere.

Mathematically speaking, we contribute less than 1% of the total greenhouse gases sent into the atmosphere. The reality is that the planet has, and will continue to, warm up or cool down without our help.

So what’s the reality of this situation?

Plotting the raw data, from all the weather stations, as well as that from weather satellites, haven’t shown a mad rise, or any real rise, in average global temperatures. In fact, they show a declining trend. The absence of media reporting of the winter deep freeze of 2012, where 650+ people died, and other recent cold weather related events, doesn’t dismiss the fact that there’s an absence in rise of average global temperatures.

In fact, a look at our own history tells us what could be in store for us in the near future.

Scientists tracked sunspot activity for centuries. Like clockwork, a rise in solar sunspot activity resulted in a similar prolonged rise in temperatures on Earth. A decrease in solar sunspot activity resulted in a similar prolonged decline in temperatures on Earth.

The current sun spot activity is weaker than it has been in the 20th Century. The sun is behaving now, the way it behaved before we entered the Dalton and Maunder Minimums. These periods are collectively known as the “Mini Ice Age.” If this trend continues, we’re going to be in for a prolonged cooling trend, not a warming trend.

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Global Warming – Everything You (Don’t) Want to Know About it!

A wise, cynical, political maxim “Follow the money” – is global warming for real? Global warming and human causation – are they two sequential scientific truths – or do they represent political ideology running amok? Is global-Earth really warming from carbon emissions and a greenhouse effect – and is it a true threat to the planet: oceans on the rise to inundate urban centers? Is it caused by mankind’s flagrant disregard of pollution from fossil fuels – spewed wantonly for almost a century: fireplaces, factories, automobiles, airplanes? Or (per rightist-extremism fears) is it only a “propaganda tsunami” from radical left-wing ideologists, using politicized pseudo-science to “level-the international-industrial-playing-field” by penalizing capitalism and the US?

The shocking reality (to those of casual interest) is the unprecedented recent gathering at Copenhagen of all world leaders in December, 2009 – 193 countries, with entire staffs and entourages: democracies, kingdoms, dictatorships; from first-world industrial nations to third-world consortiums of famine-fighting villages – all of-a-common purpose: to impose severe civilization-disrupting constraints and financial penalties upon efficient industrial activity! What could be the forcing function to organize such a gathering with such an agenda?

Two considerations should give a reasonable person pause – in view of the drastic changes and penalties contemplated – shouldn’t there have been a science-session preamble, establishing unquestionable proof of the premise before such extreme decisions were sought? On the disclosures of leaked emails from Great Britain just prior to the conference – admissions of falsified temperature data – where was a stunned reaction by the scientific-community to this challenge to trust-worthiness; where was a scurrying to reestablish faith in their global temperature-rise conclusion? Instead, what the world saw was “cooked” temperature disclosures swept “under the rug”, a media effort to “shoot the messenger” (email hackers). How can that not be disturbing to objective minds? Absent any preliminary scientific presentation to prove the global-warming scenario, then the media cover-up – is a conclusion of powerful political machinations and agenda not unreasonable?

Consider also, the US House of Representatives has already passed a Cap-and-Trade bill, as if – again -man-caused global warming is proven fact – with hundreds of billions-of-dollar-consequences to American industrial life ($1700 to $2000 per family per year estimated; worth billions to GE, etc.); it awaits only comparable Senate action to be signed into law by President Obama! Or even worse – with the authority of presidential decree, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has now assumed the executive power to establish costly pollution standards for US industry (not even awaiting a US Senate bill)!

On the other hand – if one does accept the scenario of global warming – man-made pollution from industrial nations being a major cause, emerging countries (e.g. India and China), do then have a compelling argument: since everyone shares planet Earth, where heretofore industrialized countries have had a gigantic head-start advantage – using cheap energy and causing emission/carbon pollutants – should not ascending countries be given their right to “catch up”; shouldn’t the US and other industrialized countries pay heavy compensation (perhaps a trillion dollars per year – most by the US)?

The international unanimity of purpose and size of the Copenhagen conference has never before been seen: not world rebellion against military powers; nor against dominant religions; nor political ideologies – only one single objective, to reduce carbon and impose penalties. Right-wingers see an unleashed political ideology in this unprecedented international undertaking: a combination of left-wing governments and media joining with openly communist dictators in every hemisphere. Even thoughtful commentators upon the world scene, like Charles Krauthammer, see something amiss!

So what do true scientist-experts in the specific technical field of Earth’s atmosphere say? Dr. Richard S. Lindzen, Ph.D., is a Professor of Atmospheric Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has written extensively on the subject. His analysis is summarized below in an effort to separate “wheat from chaff” for lay-man understanding – whether global warming is, in fact, really occurring; whether man-made industrial emissions are the proximate cause; and whether the threat to planet Earth is truly imminent. Below are Prof. Lindzen’s talking points:

  • Despite exaggerated emotion-evoking statements, surface temperatures have shown cycles of global cooling as well as warming for over a century: cooling from 1875 to 1910, warming from 1911 to 1943, cooling from 1944 to 1976, warming from 1977 to 1998, but no warming since – we are now experiencing an 8th year of cooling. While all these changes were happening, carbon dioxide levels has continually risen.
  • There are five major world centers which collect global temperature data: the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia (where recent email leaks of doctored data occurred); Remote Sensing Systems; the University of Alabama at Huntsville; the Goddard Institute for Space Studies; and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. All of these temperature data centers show no warming since 1998, and all show cooling by varying degrees since.
  • Significant problems (for honest scientific projections) arise when using surface temperature records to track global changes: the number of worldwide climate-measuring sites has dropped from 6,000 in 1970 to under 2,000 today; two-thirds of the closed weather stations were in country areas (colder night-time temperatures); whereas those remaining include a high percentage of urban stations (warmer night-time readings due to concrete pavements, buildings and urban sprawl). This fact alone biases the overall temperature record, as urban areas around the world have grown exponentially in the last 50 years – studies indicate that perhaps half of indicated “warming” in the data base during the last fifty years is due to land-use changes – not increases in energy emission. Urban growth is thus the major cause of man-made temperature-increase data.
  • NASA is quoted as stating that the oceans were warmer in the summer of 2009 than ever before – arrived at by subtracting satellite-measured ocean temperatures from ocean temperature base data – however, NASA does not use the (over 3300) ARGO buoys deployed in world oceans – which, contrarily, show ocean heat-content falling ever since the buoys were deployed in 2003.
  • No statistical relationship exists between carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and temperatures during the last 150 years – however, a strong statistical relationship does exist between the cyclic Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and global temperature. The PDO shows a 60 year cycle of warming and cooling of the Pacific Ocean – in every instance over the last 150 years: when the PDO was cooling, the global temperature cooled; when the PDO was warming, the global temperature rose. The PDO has now shifted back to a cooling phase – as has air temperature.
  • The total carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is only 4 hundredth of one percent (0.0004 of total atmosphere). The total increase by volume of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the last 150 years is only one hundredth of one percent (0.0001). This has actually benefited agriculture and plant life, which grow faster with more carbon dioxide (the well-known animal-plant symbiosis – oxygen and carbon dioxide exchanges), and are more resistant to drought.
  • Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant – everything that grows on earth needs it, the source being irrelevant. If all carbon dioxide were removed from air (which animals breathe), earth would die.
  • Ice cores show that increases in carbon dioxide in the past were the result of warmer temperature, not the cause of it. The laws of nature have not changed. Most of the increases in carbon dioxide in the air are the result of nature, the human component being small, perhaps 3 percent. Also, half the carbon dioxide emitted into the air by human activity each year, is immediately absorbed into the biosphere. Carbon dioxide is 3.5 percent of the greenhouse effect – water vapor is 95 percent. Since human activity only adds 3 percent a year, with half of that absorbed into the biosphere, the total human contribution to the greenhouse effect each year is about one-tenth-of-one-percent. Reducing this amount by some fraction will have no significant effect on global temperatures.
  • There is a strong relationship (ignored by pro-warming advocates) between the strength of the solar wind and global temperature. Strong solar wind equals a warmer earth, weak solar wind equals a cooler earth. Variations in cosmogenic isotopes of carbon 14 and beryllium 10 in ice cores prove this. Right now the solar wind is weaker than anytime that NASA has been able to measure it (nearly 50 years) and the earth is cooling. The solar magnetic index is the lowest since measurements began in 1932, and continues to lessen. The Pacific Ocean is in a cool phase and will be so for another 25 years. The Atlantic is showing signs of cooling. The heat source of the sun is weak and will likely be so for the next two solar cycles. We are heading for colder temperatures, not warmer.
  • The downward cyclic trend in the amount of ice remaining in the Arctic at the end of summer has ended. Polar-orbiting satellites clearly show the extent of arctic ice, which is increasing – there is 25 percent more ice today than two years ago (dramatic Arctic photos of drastic ice reductions over very many decades are misleading – probably intentionally).
  • Satellite measurements show there is more ice in the Antarctic than 30 years ago – news media report only shrinking ice in the Arctic, never about ice growth in Antarctica.
  • The melting of glaciers is not new. The “Little Ice Age” was from 1400 to 1850. The coldest temperatures were in the 1600s. Global temperature has been rising unevenly for 300 years. Glaciers have been retreating unevenly for at least 250 years.
  • Data from the Earth Radiation Budget Satellite show outgoing longwave radiation (heat) increased by 4 watts per square meter in the 1980s and 1990s, while the oceans were undergoing a cyclic warming. Computer models predicted outgoing longwave radiation would decrease as oceans warmed. All the models used by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were wrong. (Note, more on IPCC later.)
  • Indicating a clear intent to present a political viewpoint on environmentalism rather than honest fact, an April 2009 Time magazine article, with major input from environmental groups, reported there were “only” 25,000 polar bears remaining in the arctic today – omitting the fact that in the 1960s, the number was but 5,000,

Some significant comments by Dr. Lindzen get to the heart of his concerns about the scientific accuracy of the global warming “sellathon” and its possible motivation – with “follow the money” considerations; his specific quoted words are;

  • CO2 – what is it? Not a pollutant, CO2 is a product of every living creature’s breathing; it’s the product of all plant respiration; it is essential for plant life and photosynthesis; it is a product of all industrial burning; it is a product of [automobile] driving – I mean, if you ever wanted a leverage point to control everything from human exhalation to travel, this would be a dream. So it has a kind of fundamental attractiveness to bureaucratic mentality.
  • Large environmental groups, political “leaders” and eco-activists believe: just reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and we can regulate the world temperature. People who think this way are far more dangerous than global warming itself (if it were true), because some of these people wield great power.
  • Computer models say that there should be a rapid warming of the upper troposphere – between 30 degrees north and south of the equator – if global warming is proceeding. However, measurements with weather balloons over the last 50 years show no such warming. This proves the computer models do not predict how the climate system works – [predicting] the climate 50 to 100 years in the future. Computer model forecasts of warming are not evidence of climate change. They are marketing tools for research institutions and universities to continue their funding from our government. Despite concerns re motivation, this means the models make wrong assumptions about how climate-complexity works, and are scientifically useless in making any climate policy.
  • The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was formed in the late 1980s to “prove” human burning of fossil fuels causes global warming – from its beginning it was never a scientific organization – it was formed with a biased political agenda. The true goal is to capture political power from dominant countries through climate treaties (Kyoto)- partly to insure the institutions own survival. These treaties give the UN the legal power to redistribute the wealth of developed nation. The concept of “climate debt” owed to third world countries is justification. The debt would be retribution for the industrialized nation’s sin of “polluting” the climate with carbon dioxide – using all the available carbon space in the air. It is the UN’s goal to use global warming to extract money from developed nations without having to work for it. Recently the chairman of the IPCC, Rajendra Pachauri, announced “We’re at a stage where the warming is happening at a much faster rate.” Apparently, he does not look at real world data.
  • As for Al Gore, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 – his message of fearing global warming has the third world now demanding “climate reparations” for damage that the western world has inflicted on climate over the last 150 years. They now say we owe ‘Climate Debt’ because we have used up all the carbon space in the air. This is not promoting peace, it is causing tension and anger in the developing countries towards the west – Gore’s “peace prize” is having the opposite effect. As for Gore’s financial investments in green companies, “beware of prophets seeking profits”. The urge to save the world is always a cover for the need to rule it.”
  • The “climategate” emails prove that there is at best, blind ambition among some of the worlds leading climate scientists – and at worst, criminal activity. The reaction of much of the mainstream media in the United States is proving to be very revealing. They either don’t report the story or they defend the actions of the climate scientists. Some of these leading scientists were caught intimidating scientific journals to keep skeptics prom publishing, and altering data to make the case for man-made global warming. The emails also reveal that these scientists have deleted data or refused freedom-of-information requests; and have deleted emails relevant to those requests, a criminal offence. NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies has also been stonewalling freedom-of-information efforts. It is clear from the emails that a small but powerful group of leading climate scientists have used their lofty positions to pervert the science of climate change.

Beyond the realm of of hard scientific data points such as temperature, velocity and direction; air and sea; locations and dates, Dr. Lindzen extrapolates his knowledge of the limitations of atmospheric mathematical modeling into conjecture as to motivation for weather-scientists proclamations of man-caused global warming. The phrase “Follow the money” has often proved reliable as a roadmap to explain otherwise puzzling activities. Many powerful groups and organizations have strong financial interests in American belief that carbon dioxide is pollution: domestically this includes influential environmental groups, brokerage houses, corporations, universities, media outlets and political parties, as well as third world governments. The evidence is widespread – cash-strapped states and cities, with hundreds of millions of federal monies earmarked for “green energy” development, decades away from practicality – while essential infrastructure programs, such as water mains, highways and bridges, are unfunded. On the UN scene, conscience and liberal guilt have become the means to international spreading of the wealth.

Some of Dr. Lindzen’s observations warrant notice:

  • On the day the Copenhagen conference opened, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claimed jurisdiction over the regulation of carbon emissions in the US – flatly declaring them an “endangerment” to human health.
  • Since the US has an overwhelmingly carbon-based economy, the EPA is thus claiming authority to regulate practically everything. No institution that emits more than 250 tons of C02 a year will be beyond EPA control – over a million building complexes, hospitals, plants, schools, businesses and similar enterprises.
  • This naked assertion of vast executive (presidential) power in the name of the environment becomes the perfect fulfillment of the prediction of Czech President Vaclav Klaus that environmentalism is becoming the new socialism. Going into the possibility of even darker motivation, Dr. Lindzen points out a world socialistic scenario – the conceding of US sovereihnity to the UN, with the domination of the UN by ultra-liberal groups and (numerically controlling) Islamic-Arab oil controlling countries.

Similar grave concerns are expressed by other scientists, including charges of U.N. “fraud”on climate change – Dr. Philip Lloyd, an honorary research fellow at the Energy Research Center at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, has been a coordinating lead author for the United Nations IPCC. According to Dr. Lloyd, the IPCC should be dismissed as an authority on global warming – in an article that appeared on South Africa’s BusinessDay Web site. Dr. Lloyd writes about the “flaws behind the whole process” of the IPCC:

  • The IPCC “claims that it has thousands of scientists and almost as many reviewers producing their reports.” However, Lloyd says there was no review “in the accepted sense of the word – there was no independence of review, and the reviewers were anything but anonymous. The result is not scientific.”
  • Another problem cited by Lloyd is that the IPCC issues a Summary (for Policy Makers) four months or more before the scientific report (on which it is supposedly based) is published.
  • Lloyd concludes: “It isn’t necessary to list all the changes I have identified between what the scientists actually said and what the policymakers who wrote the Summary for Policy Makers said they said. The process is so flawed, that the result is tantamount to fraud. As an authority, the IPCC should be consigned to the scrapheap without delay.”
  • Lloyd’s article was before the so-called climategate scandal, which has called into question the validity of some of IPCC’s science that supports the conclusion of man-made global warming.

In a related note, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, following the eruption of the climategate controversy, acknowledged that the science supporting man-made global warming may not be “as certain as its proponents allege.” Even common-sense commentators on the world scene, like Charles Krauthammer, trying to find explanation for the global warming phenomenon, describe it as “Environmentalism – the new religion of the liberal left”.

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Global Warming – Global Climate Changes

Global Warming – Global Climate Changes

If there is global warming then will there also be global climate changes?

Questions we should ask ourselves: Is global warming happening?

If yes, then: Why is this warming taking place, what are the causes? Are they natural or are they man made?

We could then ask: What impact will this warming have on the climate globally?
And also: Is there anything we can do, as a global community or individually, to stop the warming, slow it down, or reverse it?

The biggest question of all:

Can we, the most successful species on the planet ever, allow ourselves to be ignorant and not take action, one way or the other? Can we allow ourselves to leave behind something different than we received? (Would we do that we anything else in life that we receive?)

So what is global warming

Global warming is the gradual increase of the earth and ocean temperature as a result of the build up of certain gases which trap heat in the atmosphere. These heat-trapping gases, also called greenhouse gases, occur naturally and are produced naturally in certain areas of the planet, but they are also produced in very large quantities through the use of fossil fuels.

One reason it is difficult to pinpoint if global warming and climate change is taking place is that it is a slow process, and a process that has occurred many times before man came on the scene.

Should I be concerned about this

And so what if the ice caps are melting? I am nowhere near an ice cap. What does that have to do with me?

This should be obvious. What happens on one side of the globe affects people on the other side. Most of us strongly believe that, when it comes to politics and economics, and it is as true for the climate as well.

We also know that a natural phenomenon, such as an earthquake, can take place in mid-ocean and kill tens of thousands of people at distances of thousands of miles (such as the December 2005 tsunami).

Eruptions of major volcanoes have profound impact, not only on the people in its vicinity, but also on people far away and the climate even on the other side of the globe.

At the end of the Gulf War in the Middle East in 1991 many of the oil wells in Kuwait were put on fire deliberately. The emissions from these fires caused major climate changes in many parts of the world.

The Earth gets warm and there is Life

The earth is warmed by the sun. The sun’s activities and the earth’s position to the sun have a direct natural effect on our climate.

In addition to the general heat coming from the sun, there are also sunspots generated on the sun’s surface. These sunspots are areas with increased magnetic activity and seem to be the cause of sun flares and mass ejections. When earth is in the path of these flares, enormous waves of additional heat and magnetism impact our planet. The results can be higher temperatures, when other elements that control our climate are disappearing, such as certain protective layers in the atmosphere.

The earth’s orbit around the sun is elliptical, and so there are times when the earth is closer to the sun than others. When that occurs, it’s normal to have an increase in the world’s temperatures.

The earth is kept warm by gases in the atmosphere. These gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, as well as water vapor, prohibit heat from escaping into space. If our atmosphere contained none of these gases, our planet would be a very cold place. The question being debated is if there actually is an increase in these green house gases that then trap more heat, and so cause climate change.

These gases are created naturally from wetlands and the arctic tundra. Plants in other parts of the world use these gases and in exchange give out oxygen, a gas that we need for breathing.

How does Global Warming Affect the Climate

Average temperatures world wide will rise. There is no consensus among scientists as to how much. But even a small rise can have vast impact on our environment.

With more heat in the atmosphere the temperature of the oceans will go up. This in turn will impact the ice caps, as well as hot water eco-systems. At the ice caps the glaciers will begin to melt. Some say this has already started.

As the water in the oceans heats up it will absorb less and less CO2 (carbon dioxide), thereby contributing further to global warming. The ice caps and the oceans have a very important part in the balancing of global climate. Fewer ice caps … less reflection of sunlight … more heat stays in. Warmer oceans … less reflection … more heat stays in. Inland glaciers will also feel the effect and melt.

As the ice caps and inland glaciers melt, water levels will rise. This will put low-lying coastal areas under threat of flooding.

As the water temperature changes, it will influence the frequency and the ferocity of hurricanes and tornadoes.

As ocean temperatures go up, finely balanced underwater ecosystems may not be able to survive, such as coral reefs in tropical areas, thereby affecting the whole oceanic eco-system.

As ocean temperatures go up, there will be less rain in hot dry climate zones. This means longer and more devastating droughts. These areas will be more susceptible to wild fires. Deserts will expand, and whole eco-systems will be threatened.

As inland glaciers melt, the flow in the rivers coming off them will increase, causing floods.

Have Climate changes happened before
Climate changes have occurred and will continue to occur naturally. They occur when there is a change in global temperatures due to the influences mentioned above. This influences ocean temperatures, precipitation, deforestation and the migration of wildlife. Relatively recent examples of climate changes are the ice ages and the periods in between; the last ice age ending some 10.000 years ago.

How much do we humans as a species influence this process of global warming

As we have seen greenhouse gasses occur naturally as part of the balancing of earth’s temperature.

Does human activity increase the concentration of these gasses in the atmosphere? Since everything on this planet has an affect on everything else, I think it is safe to say that human activity plays a role. We have to decide how much. Since the dawn of human history we have influenced our environment. We have dried up swamps, cut down trees to such an extent that forests vanished, we have expanded agricultural land at the cost of natural resources, we have mined and drilled and what not.

From the beginning of the Industrial Revolution our impact on nature has dramatically increased. Being so successful a species we have even increased in numbers to the detriment of other species.

In the natural world trees absorb carbon dioxide and other gases and exude oxygen, the gas we need in order to breathe. The burning of fossil fuels in transportation, industry, and power plants produce carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gasses in quantities larger than natural.

Since more and more forests are being cut down, especially the rain forests, there are less trees to absorb the carbon dioxide, again resulting in a rise in general greenhouse gas content in the atmosphere.

Is this a double indemnity

Is it possible that earth is going through a period of natural warming?
Is it possible that the activity of man is affecting the planet?

What are we up against

The above scenario may seem frightening and depressing. Frightening enough to make us do something, depressing if we don’t do anything. As stated global warming and climate change is a very slow process and has been going on for eons.

We don’t have all the facts, though a majority believes it is happening. Within a period of global warming, there could be shorter periods of cooling, off-setting the warming to some extent. Such shorter intervals can also be misleading, making some believe that global warming is just in the mind of a few crisis loving scientists or politicians.

Obviously we cannot change the natural causes, such as the earth’s orbit around the sun and the sun flares. But we can have an impact on the man-made causes. Just as we may have caused an aggravation of warming, we can also take an active role in reducing continued aggravation.

The question here is: Can we allow ourselves NOT to take such action?

Do we as top predator, or the most successful species, have a responsibility for what happened, and what will happen?

What actions can we take, as individuals or as societies, or both?

If there is just an inkling of possibility that we may be causing some of this, shouldn’t we do something about it?

Global Warming – Global Climate Changes

Three Counter Arguments That Support the Denial of Global Warming

In this current decade of the 21st century, many people say we are actually experiencing the effects of global warming, in the form of changing local weather patterns, and increased natural disasters around the globe. However there are some people, who still claim global warming is a hoax, or even claim it does not exist. What are the three arguments that could support the denial of global warming?

1. Increased Solar Activity

Could ‘Global warming,” be a hoax, and the real reasons behind our changing climate, be because of increased soar activity from the Sun?

There are very strong, and compelling arguments that since the mid-1970’s, the Sun has changed, and the effects on Earths climate, are a direct result of solar storms.

This is the conspiracy theorists weapon against “Global warming,” where our representatives are aware of this greater danger, and could explain why some governments seem to lack any real motivation in encouraging the use of alternative energies.

2. Local Weather Phenomena

Throughout the last few centuries, some form of records have been kept on our local weather conditions. The “minor” ice age of the 17th century was one example, but also some records do show that the freak weather we are experiencing today has reoccurred in the past.

Ancient tree stumps dating back over a thousand years, record the climate through their rings, Dendrochronologists– read these rings, determining what local weather conditions were like in the past, and historians match this data to historical events- such as the end of the Roman empire.

When the Roman Empire eclipsed into a century of decline towards its final fall around 500 AD, data from tree rings showed that the climate had increasingly worsened, and perhaps aided the fall of the greatest of ancient empires. Could Global Warming be simply a series of changes in local weather patterns?

3. A Money Making Scam?

Some cynics claim that Global Warming is just another scam by a group of experts, and lobbyists, who can manipulate public opinion, and enrich themselves in the process. The fact that many of the expert meetings are in some of the Worlds most exotic locations, and that some governments that back the “global warming” theory, themselves seem lukewarm in their own response to a serious issue, could help back this theory.

Al Gore, has been heralded as one example of the hypocrisy within this group of experts. Famous for “losing” one of the closest contested presidential elections in history, and later known for his series of lectures on the environment. Al Gore showed no effort in fighting global warming personally, his home was in many ways a showcase for a denier, rather than a believer in global warming. Is it simply another money making scam?

So is Global warming simply, a result of increased solar activity, local weather phenomena or just a scam? Changing weather patterns, and a sharp increase in natural disasters has meant that something is going wrong with our planets natural environment, but is it really Global Warming?


Climate Fluctuations Are Normal, and Ambient Temperatures on Earth Relatively Stable

The fall of the greatest set of species which have ever roamed the planet has indeed been blamed on all sorts of things; ice age, volcanoes, and even a giant asteroid smashing into the planet. One thing it hasn’t been blamed on is a warming period. Why you ask? Because generally in a warmer climate life thrives, and it is the cold eras you have to worry about. Dinosaurs did quite well on Earth during warming periods, that is to say they lived with abundance of everything they needed.One way to determine the temperatures back then is to examine fossil records for clues. Okay so, let’s discuss this for a moment shall we? You see, there was an interesting article not long ago, in the Science Section of the New York Times titled “Raising the Temperature on Cold-Blooded Dinosaurs” by Sindya N. Bhanoo (June 24, 2011). The article interestingly enough stated;

“By studying the chemical composition of dinosaur teeth, scientists have determined that some sauropods had body temperatures as warm as those of mammals.”

Okay so, now we are getting somewhere aren’t we? And here is a great piece of speculation too, from me that is, if the dinosaurs had similar body temperatures which had evolved with a similar atmospheric temperature, then the climate back then, and remember we are talking 500 million years ago, was similar to today. And thus, perhaps Global Climate Changes is all a bunch of sound and fury signifying a political agenda (nothing).

The article went on to state;

“Camarasaurus, a sauropod found in the United States, could reach a length of 66 feet and weigh up to 15 tons. The researchers estimated its body temperature to be about 96.3 degrees. Brachiosaurus, 75 feet and 40 tons, was even warmer, about 100.8 degrees. Human temperature is about 98.6 degrees.”

Now then, what happened to the dinosaurs then? Well, maybe one of those species evolved to be humans, as it shrunk in size over time, into a tree shrew, and then back up the evolutionary ladder to an upright walking primate, to homo sapiens? Why do I assume that dinosaurs lived in a warming period? Well, because it would take far too much energy to heat up a body that large, thus their teeth temperature was similar to the ambient temperature of the time.

So chances are the temperatures were similar to today’s temperatures, perhaps even a tad bit warmer. Climate fluctuations are normal, and ambient temperatures on Earth relatively stable, yes, since the dinosaur days. So, let’s not jump to conclusions on the global warming debate just yet. Please consider all this and think on it.

climate change denial machine

The Climate Change Denial Machine

The Climate Change Denial Machine

Every major scientific society in the world has adopted a statement like that of the American Chemical Society which says that the Earth’s climate system is changing rapidly in response to growing atmospheric burdens of greenhouse gases, that observed climate trends are due to human activities, and that the threats are serious and action is urgently needed to mitigate the risks of climate change. A recent CNN poll found that 97% of scientists who are actively engaged in research in climate science agree that man’s activities are the main causes of global warming. In spite of the strong consensus among the scientists, and the warning by all of our major science societies that urgent action is needed, little effective action has been taken.

Why hasn’t action been taken? The main cause of climate change is most certainly the 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide man is put into the into the air each year by burning fossil fuels. If man is a major cause, then surely it should be possible for us to do something about it. But we haven’t. Perhaps it’s because the effects of climate change on the Earth have been subtle. Scientific research shows the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing, the temperature of the Earth is rising, the oceans are becoming more acidic, glaciers and polar ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, the probability of severe weather events is increasing, food supplies are threatened, and weather-related natural disasters are becoming more frequent and more costly. But couldn’t those things be from natural causes? Couldn’t the scientists be wrong? Couldn’t it be too costly?

If your is answer “yes” to the above or similar questions, then you probably have been influenced by propaganda created by the Climate Change Denial Machine. The Climate Change Denial Machine was patterned after the Tobacco Propaganda Machine and uses many of the same organizations and tactics. Almost 50 years after the Surgeon General announced that smoking had serious health consequences leading to premature death, many people still smoke, showing the effectiveness of the propaganda. The Climate Change Denial Machine is much better funded, supports a far greater number of science Skeptics and politicians, and has the Internet to widely disseminate its propaganda. While smoking only affected the smoker and those around them, climate change, if left unaddressed, will have serious consequences for everyone and everything on the Earth.

The workings of the Climate Change Denial Machine have been explained in an article written by Riley Dunlap and Aaron McCright, and their excellent diagram is available at my website. It was published in Chapter 10 in the Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society, edited by John S. Dryzek, Richard B. Norgaard, David Schlosberg. It shows how money and misinformation flows from climate Skeptics and fossil fuel companies and is disseminated to the public.

How Does Climate Change Affect Us?

Now days climate change is spoken, or written about, in pretty much every aspect of our lives. But how many people actually understand what climate change is, and how it affects us now, and will affect us, in the future?

Does anyone reading this not know the planets temperature is rising steadily? This is commonly referred to as “Global Warming”.

The planets temperature rising is just one way that will affect us and change our climate. If you follow what happens because of the planets temperature rising, thats when you really start to set up and take notice.

Suddenly someone notices there is an affect that follows the cause – The old “cause and affect” strategy. The planet warms and the ice on the planet begins to melt, but “cause and affect” does not stop there. No. The ice melts and the sea level begins to rise.

Now we know that the climate change is affecting us by:

a) Global Warming -The planet is heating up.
b) The planets ice shelves are melting, and
c) The oceans sea level is rising.

But how does these things affect us -Me and, you?

Besides the weather patterns getting very unpredictable, and in some cases extremely haphazzard, there is the issue of the melting ice. This ice melting is hazzardous to us in many ways -To name just a few: There are many species of the planet that may very likely become extinct because they are losing their habitat.

Loss of any species to the planet is, or should be, a great concern to us all.

Some of these species are hunted for food by people, and losing them is a loss of a food source in an area where food sources are very scarce. These same species are also hunted for their hides to keep people warm in climates that are extremely cold.

Here some may suggest the warming climate could be good for these people, so they are not so cold. This is such an outrageous thought and is why these kinds of articles are so important to better educate the people of our world. Because, again I point out “cause and affect”. Nothing changes without a cause and affect.

Affect: Now we discuss the rise of the worlds sea level. There are many communities that are actually below the worlds sea level, and its rising can cause horrible tragedies around the world.

Is there anyone reading this article that is not aware of what happened to a “little” community called “New Orleans”? This is just a sample of the tragedies that will be in the future if we do not take action.

How does climate change affect us? At this point, I am hopeful that my article has given you some idea. Now for the important part of this article, what can “we” -I, and you, do about it?

To be perfectly honest, I do not really believe that the affects of our climate change can be stopped, or reversed at this point, But, I do believe we can still slow its affects way down, if we will all just take action.

If your still reading and asking yourself “what can I do?” Then on behalf of my grandchildren -The eldest being two, 6-11-2009 -I want to thank you.

Lets discuss what you can do to help:

1) accept that you can help even if you have a limited income. This is the first step to actually making progress, and helping. Otherwise you would just feel too overwhelmed thinking you could not possible afford to make a difference. But there are many levels of help that you can participate in, and the most important level is the level that you participate in.

2) Choose your level of participation.

a) Costs you nothing, and will actually save you money.
To put it simply, turn off those unnecessary lights. Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth, or shampooing your hair. Do not waste gasoline making useless trips to the store. Try to make a list and limit your trips to the store. Saves you gasoline and money you would have spent on gasoline. Try to carpool with someone that is already going to the store, or even to work. Simple things that cost you nothing.

Can we go a step better that still does not cost you any money? Sure. How about locating your local recycling facility. Now instead of adding to the problem, you are truly taking steps to alleviate it. This is not hard, and I have shown you how you can actually keep more of the money you already have.

b) is a level that would require some expenditure, the amount of expenditure would be entirely up to you.

Replace those old energy wasting light bulbs with some new energy saving light bulbs -You do not need to do them all at once, if your budget wont allow for it. You can simply switch them out as the old bulbs burnout.

Now make certain that all of your faucets, and shower heads, all have water conserving restrictors, or heads.

Get your car tuned up, and be sure and check your tires air pressure. If within your ability, look into trading off that old gas hog, for a newer model, preferably a hybrid.

Now that you know how does climate change affect us, and how you can help “affect” climate change, I hope you will share this info2SaveEarth, with everyone you know and remember to visit for more tips and suggestions.

The Myths on Global Warming Exposed!

Today, everybody lives on a planet that has been battered by careless generations of the past. And we are still contributing to the earth’s eventual loss.

There are so many factors that could cause the planet’s demise. Water, air, land pollution, also, global warming. Global warming is defined as the increase in Earth’s temperature (on both its bodies of water and atmosphere). Scientists have also projected a continuance on the temperature increase. Most people believe that global warming has occurred because of many, harmful human activities. Partly, of course, it is true. But let us try to look at all the other factors that lead to this catastrophe – well, before you start to panic or fuss about being toasted alive. Know first, that most of them are myths!

The National Center for Policy Analysis in the United States has contested the common myth that humans are the primary cause of global warming. According to them, there is no known scientific consensus in the globe that establishes the fact that humans have made a major contribution to global warming. That sort of eases the burden on our conscience, doesn’t it?

There are so many myths about global warming that we are now led to think that they are facts. Let’s start busting them one by one:

1. Scientists all over the world agree that there is global warming. Myth. Although the earth’s surface is a bit warmer (by 0.3 degrees Celsius) since the 1800’s, no known scientific organization or group have agreed on that fact. In fact, scientists have recorded that over the past 18 years, there was no increase in earth’s temperature.

2. Humans caused global warming. Yet another myth. In fact, the burning of fossil fuels alone is not enough to cause earth’s global warming. And scientists agree on that fact. This is not a denial of man’s negligence rather, they dare to establish the fact that humans comprise just a small percentage on the cause of global warming.

3. There will be major natural catastrophes that will occur on the planet’s surface as the condition worsens. Myth number 3. Globally, scientists agree that no major hurricanes are on their way just because the earth’s temperature rose slightly. They also stated that the ocean levels would not rise to consume humankind. The sea levels have risen, yes. But this is just within normal bounds. Also, the ice caps are not melting at an alarming rate.

4. The government should act fast in global warming legislations. Myth. While it is true that the government should try to protect the planet from further damage, there should be no rush on our legislators. The effects of global warming haven’t reached the point where extinction should be feared. According to scientists, the government can wait until the year 2020 to cut on emissions, that is, if they want to wait until that year.

5. This next myth could be attributed to humankind’s denial of global warming. People say that global warming is not true because winters are much colder than what they use to be. Although more and more people are bundling up during the winter season, this does not erase the scientific fact that the earth’s surface is warmer now than in the previous years. But then again, there is no cause for panic.

6. The level of carbon dioxide on planet earth is at a staggering rate. Myth number 6 now. With or without the help of humans, the levels of carbon dioxide do rise and fall. And just so you would be appeased, carbon dioxide levels were much higher in the past when industrial developments were non-existent, than they are now.

7. The fluctuation of carbon dioxide levels cause global warming. Busted again! It is the other way around. Global warming can cause a shift in the levels of carbon dioxide.

8. Walking or using bikes would help save the planet from global warming. That is a false idea. Giving up all the gas-driven vehicles in the world would not make a major change on the earth’s temperature. Remember that it is the solar activities that cause major changes on the earth’s temperature and not carbon dioxide (or monoxide for that matter).

These are globally accepted ideas about global warming but are actually myths. Why don’t you go about and tell the ‘real facts’ to your loved ones. Start with the one beside you.

The Effects of Global Warming

When you hear about the effects of global warming it is important to understand that the effects we are experiencing today are moderate compared to what the future will see if we do not take preventative action. Over the next century researchers and environmental professionals are stating that the effects of global warming will continue on a constant inclined curve. Temperatures heating up a little bit each decade until the earth’s temperatures reach the sweltering levels that we experienced in history. Scientists believe that the earth’s temperatures will rise between 2-9 degrees Fahrenheit by 2050.

The Arctic and the earth’s northern latitudes will feel the most of the effects of global warming as they continue to escalate. As the Arctic packs and glaciers begin to melt from the increased temperatures the tundra and seas surrounding the areas will continue to absorb the warmth which was once reflected back into space. Climate models show that if temperatures throughout the rest of the world rise to 3 degrees Fahrenheit they will more than likely rise to at least 7 degrees Fahrenheit in the Arctic. From this the oceans throughout the world will become full with melting glaciers and ice from the Arctic likely to rise by at least 3ft.

As the temperatures continue to rise this will force the ocean to evaporate quicker and therefore more rainfall will be experienced. The problem with this effect is that the rainfall may hit areas of the world which do not need it at all causing massive floods and monsoons. Subtropical areas like India are expected to be the target of this particular effect of global warming. On the other hand it is safe to say that droughts are going to be more of a problem than flooding.

There are predictions that the future effects of global warming may have its benefits as well. In the northern part of the world such as Canada, the warmer temperatures will mean longer growing seasons and more rainfall. This of course then will put an end to any food shortage that may be occurring and provide a new sense of prosperity to countries throughout the world which have been struggling to survive.

Many of the changes and effects listed above are already taking place today on a smaller scale of course. Sea levels are rising due to thermal expansion of the ocean, in addition to melting of land ice. Amounts and patterns of precipitation are changing as well but only slightly in comparison to what has been predicted for the future. Changes in temperature and precipitation patterns increase the frequency and intensity of other extreme weather events such as floods, droughts, heat waves, and tornadoes.

Other effects of global warming include higher or lower agricultural yields, further glacial retreat, reduced summer stream flows and species extinctions. As a further effect of global warming, diseases like malaria are returning into areas where they have been extinguished earlier. This is only the beginning of the effects global warming can have on our earth. As the greenhouse gases continue to increase and enter the atmosphere these effects are only going to increase in severity making it harder and harder to maintain our quality of life.

Many people find it hard to believe that the effects of global warming can become as severe as scientists are predicting but the patterns support these theories. When you read studies comparing today’s weather to weather 20years ago there are already signs proving the effects of global warming. Pay attention to the weather today and the severe weather being reported from all over the world and you will begin to see the effects within your own life as well.

We can all do our part to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases within our atmosphere. No matter how small the act might be (saving electricity, conserving fuels, etc) every action makes a difference when we are all making these eco-smart decisions. There are no doubts that the effects of global warming are only going to persist and increase if we do not do something today. The fact is that even if greenhouse emission gases were completely eliminated today it will still take years to eliminate the threats of global warming. This is why it is so important to do what we can today!