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Global Warming Hoax – What’s the Truth?

A lot of people will be telling you a lot of things about the global warming hoax-about how this situation doesn’t exist at all and how it is a figment of a fertile scientist’s imagination-but the fact is that the situation is totally real and is standing at our door, waiting to get in. Global […]

Global Temperatures – The Myth That the Earth Has Gotten Warmer Beyond 1998

More and more credible data, and studies, have proven conventional opinion wrong. This conventional opinion argues that global warming continued, rather than stopped, beyond 1998. This conventional opinion continues to argue that people are mainly at fault for this warming.The reality, mentioned in my previous articles, still stands. Mother Nature’s hints that average global temperatures […]

Global Warming – Everything You (Don’t) Want to Know About it!

A wise, cynical, political maxim “Follow the money” – is global warming for real? Global warming and human causation – are they two sequential scientific truths – or do they represent political ideology running amok? Is global-Earth really warming from carbon emissions and a greenhouse effect – and is it a true threat to the […]

Global Warming – Global Climate Changes

Global Warming – Global Climate Changes If there is global warming then will there also be global climate changes? Questions we should ask ourselves: Is global warming happening? If yes, then: Why is this warming taking place, what are the causes? Are they natural or are they man made? We could then ask: What impact […]

Three Counter Arguments That Support the Denial of Global Warming

In this current decade of the 21st century, many people say we are actually experiencing the effects of global warming, in the form of changing local weather patterns, and increased natural disasters around the globe. However there are some people, who still claim global warming is a hoax, or even claim it does not exist. […]

The Climate Change Denial Machine

The Climate Change Denial Machine Every major scientific society in the world has adopted a statement like that of the American Chemical Society which says that the Earth’s climate system is changing rapidly in response to growing atmospheric burdens of greenhouse gases, that observed climate trends are due to human activities, and that the threats […]

How Does Climate Change Affect Us?

Now days climate change is spoken, or written about, in pretty much every aspect of our lives. But how many people actually understand what climate change is, and how it affects us now, and will affect us, in the future? Does anyone reading this not know the planets temperature is rising steadily? This is commonly […]

The Myths on Global Warming Exposed!

Today, everybody lives on a planet that has been battered by careless generations of the past. And we are still contributing to the earth’s eventual loss. There are so many factors that could cause the planet’s demise. Water, air, land pollution, also, global warming. Global warming is defined as the increase in Earth’s temperature (on […]

The Effects of Global Warming

When you hear about the effects of global warming it is important to understand that the effects we are experiencing today are moderate compared to what the future will see if we do not take preventative action. Over the next century researchers and environmental professionals are stating that the effects of global warming will continue […]