Hello welcome to Global Warming Matters. This is Leah Nicole here. Ever sense I was a kid I have loved the outdoors and everything about the outdoors. I love how our earth flows and moves and changes. I love humans and I especially love animals. Yes, I do mean every living thing. I even save bugs because they are so often killed and ignored but they are so important to this environment we call EARTH that we call HOME. I am very enthusiastic about how WE as a people are living and stripping our planet. We should be loving to our planet! And even kind to all things that crawl and slither and hop and fly and swim. We should be taking care of ourselves as well. We should be more aware of how we impact the environment and how it is changing. I fear we might be late on our recognition but have no fear! Everything we do impacts the environment so lets have a good impact on the environment. Lets not be selfish with her. She is our mother, and if we kill her then she will not be alive to take care of us.  There is so much we can do to help Mother Nature heal. It is not to late! I hope that you don’t decide to ignore our continuing climate change. Better late then, never. Right?

This site has a blog that is about the climate change that is happening, as well as information on our global warming problems. It lets you go into amazon and buy items that are fun and different like: Appliances, Novelty & Special Use, Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Miscellaneous, Musical Instruments, Pet Supplies, Accessories, Electrical, Arts, Crafts & Sewing. (Feel free to click on the specific words to take to you some of the more specific rang of item you might be looking for.)


Please send me a message about any questions that you might have, if you want me to blog about something specific, or need to have a discussion on a blog topic.